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Wangen KB-S / KL-S Progressing Cavity Pump

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Wangen Progresing Cavity Pump KB-S / KL-S
Suitable for fluids with low to extremely high viscosity
The progressing cavity pumps KB-S / KL-S are our basic products. They are used to convey all self flowing fluids. Self-priming pumps can convey low to highly viscous media just as well as media containing solid matter.
Wangen self-priming pumps run at peak performance wherever you need to convey demanding products at large lift and over long distances, or where high dosage accuracy is called for. Self-priming pumps are employed in a number of different industries, for example biogas production, waste water systems, ship building and mechanical engineering and in the paper and chemicals industry.
Two pump series are available — KB-S and KL-S series pumps. A wide range of models and sizes and a modular pump design guarantee individual conveyance solutions which are perfectly matched to your specific application requirement.
Click here to view video presentation on how KL-S work along with Wangen BIOMIX for Biogas System.
• Domestic and industrial waste water, excess sludge, digested sludge, thickened sewage sludge
• Flocculants, polymers, lime milk
• Liquid manure, recirculate, fermentation residue
• Bilge water
• Polyol, isocyanate, PVC compounds, tensides, polyurethane adhesives, dispersion agents for glues or galvanic sludge
• Dispersion paints, latex colors, glues, plaster paints, pigments
• Kaolin suspensions, titanium dioxide, deinking chemicals, retention agents, coating colors, starch suspensions, latex, adhesives, resins or pigment slurry
• Crude oil, biodiesel, rapeseed oil
• Bentonite suspensions, drilling fluids, plaster slurry, carbon flotation slime